Warlords and Witch Hunts – part 1

Warlords and Witch Hunts – part 1
By Robert Mark Lauzon of MAP (Mindanao Action Partners)

It does sound like a medieval press release or maybe some fantasy RPG (Role Playing Game), but this is not so. This is the actual scenario that besets our country, govern by fear and the results often lead to a mass hysteria of sorts. The general public is in dissention, not knowing what is real and who to believe-in. We can cower in fear, we can try to get to the root of the problem and yet, we all know that this is a perennial problem with which our children and their children’s children will still be facing in the years to come.

The recent Maguindanao Massacre, is celebrating its second month of mourning and remembrance, it resulted in not only killing people, disrupting lives but also a grand recognition of a cyclical involvement of greed, corruption and evil in our country’s politics. The populace now has bred into their mindset a certain discordance with politics and their rights to preserve democratic freedom. We’d rather just vote and get on with our lives but we should realize that a lot of our fellow countrymen/countrywomen cannot and would not be able to get on with their lives because of what has happened.

One example occurs in the beautiful city of Davao, one can only digress and account the many fond memories of good friends, good food and beautiful beaches – or we can also remember how such a place could exist in a supposed sharing of boundaries with turmoil-ridden regions. After the massacre, the goverment did what it was supposed to do, although a lot can be said about its own perception, and engender an act which is driven by self-preservation and fear. The raids tho helpful, even uncovering necessary leads are also definitely affecting the lives and businesses of private citizens who are in no way connected to the real investigation. There is no real pointing of fingers since we all want to know the truth and follow all leads, but we must support each other and remain vigilant in our strengths that not all that we read or are shown might not be the real/whole story. Let us all take a moment to really safeguard our rights, knowing that innocent lives are at stake and we are all as much responsible for these lives – our lives, our country. I hope we help the government to fully recognize our part in governance and to always exercise in safeguarding our rights – a vote only works when we are aware of the gravity of that choice and the extent of our actions.

Part 1 – To be continued


One thought on “Warlords and Witch Hunts – part 1

  1. the day will come

    when i will stand on your head

    you are gasping for air to breathe

    as you try to hold on to your lie of a life

    while you cough out blood from you mouth

    and you will ask me

    why am i doing this

    you will learn the answer when my scythe is on your neck


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