Two freaked out regarding my ‘divorce’ post, if it hits you then great. I wasn’t even thinking about you two. I’m done playing, we can make it mean that, if you really want it to. It was supposed to be political/philosophical, not personal – how come everyone got it except for the guilty two?

The divorce post reads as: We can’t hide from the choices they’ll make, there’s no divorce in this country. Sooner or later we face the same results and listen to the same songs.


One thought on “Guilty?

  1. your body parts will ‘divorce’ soon. i wiull start with your knees, then your elbow….i will let them bleed out and you will experience pain like no other has. this is not a question of wrath or justice…but of vengance. I am your nemesis.

    you will die sooner than later.


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