POST 9-11 is SAMHAIN 10-11

In a land of strangers more than strangeness, we often find ourselves looking over our shoulders to find something familiar. An evolutionary school of thought might postulate that the eyes are not the first to have been developed in our physiology. If then the eyes are the gateways to the soul, would it mean that the soul came after all our other senses?

It would have been a digression in itself to consider that the soul developed later on or was simply embryonic until sight came along. Others would perhaps say that the soul fermented the aspect of physicality but then the presupposition here is that the eyes functions as doorways to the soul and most importantly that a soul actually exists.


I would find myself often wondering how neuroscience has evolved to encapsulate something beyond the physical manifestation of the brain and start to include the gray (no pun intended) areas which evoke nostalgic psalms and hymns from religions more ancient than the vehicles we know and practice these days. When thinking outside the esoteric circle, questions like:

  • Is sight something that goes beyond the physical gradient of visual perception?
  • Then it is probably not an abortive act (to let go of a fetus) until such time that we are physically conscious of being able to see, the only problem here is, the definition for, when do we See?
  • Is perception a construct of the physical brain or the chemical components which make it up?
  • Is this thought, whatever thought that exist in this very moment, a physical trillema of synapses, sodium channels of chemical reactions, and/or varietal projects of dendrites and axons?
  • If it remains that thought and physicality are in conjunction then the As Above, So Below, statement makes the soul a mere backpack for the pilgrim’s progress in each of us – which then opens up a whole new dimension, a dimension discussing the existence of Spirit.

Traumatically superimposed into our psyches, crossing boundaries and even cultures, is one of the most shocking human experience to ever unfold. 911 will forever be remembered via images of planes crashing into two towering buildings which symbolized an age of commerce and trade. Not an accident by any chance but a perceptive and premeditated Act of, though not limited to, violence and anger. For those enacting this catastrophe, it was a validation of their existence which they felt were overshadowed and undermined by an ideology and way of life. Of course not much have to be said anymore for those of us who, with mouths agape, watched as the drama unfolded and forever change the course of human history.

Now a decade ago, our lives do contain as much, if not more, experiences (drama?) and stories upon closer examination and reflection. In the words of the Wise and the Ways of old, “Merry we part until merry we meet again!” 911 allowed for a spectacular circling to happen within the Human Condition – it was the dagger (Athame) that was aimed to pose a question of our participation and commitment, to only enter In Perfect Love and In Perfect Trust.

It is of course in the same breath that the Wheel turns, faithfully since the beginning of Time. Our existence proving to be a collage of truths, moments, and perceptions in the existential fabric we have defined as Life. Memory is quite the tricky companion and we will have our own special ways in relating how we remember and of course how we choose to carry what we remember. Often times we find ourselves remembering things we choose to forget or forget things we wished we could remember – but then again, can we really wish or miss anything that exists in our consciousness?

This year (2011), the Wheel approaches ever so closely the ancient Celtic New year or what has been commonly called, Samhain. First frost and last harvest it may be but it also allows the ancient days to be one, at least experience-wise, with the present. For Wiccans and others practicing the old ways, this Sabbat is a high feast and will demarcate the process of coming to terms with a new self, an improved version of yourself from what you have learned the past year. While for Christians, especially Catholics, nearly around this time of the year mark the commemoration of the dearly departed via All Saints and All Souls day. It is quite the task after all to celebrate the regale yet humble purpose of living the teachings of Christ and trying to closely imitate his way of life in today’s world.

Post 911, a decade after, it is two months after that day and a play of words and numbers will bring you now to 1011, a month and a year numeric combination. Nearly November but not quite, it is an opportune time brought about by history, astronomy (*astrology), and our cumulative experience to celebrate an act of Being Human. We are not calling forth and standardizing rights, that has its own advocates. We are not preaching a new religion based on old premise, that movement will have its own priests and priestesses. SAMHAIN 1011 is an occasion to practice being human, coming to terms with this role and fully utilizing what the Human Rights Activists have been fighting for while also reflecting on the theologies (*theosophies) of Faith. Not a belief system and not even an argument on higher beings existing but rather a way to come forwards and be able to say, even to yourself, “I am human! I am alive!”

We can all step into the circle, commit to a communion or even a covenant but before you do so, out of bravery, anger, or even Faith, take the time to reflect the imperatives that allowed you to come to this very point of your life. Look at the Human Condition, look both near and far, and know that a lot of us have failed, have at one point or another allowed other challenges to overshadow our being human. With all the laws and intricate specifics that have been developed over centuries, it is easy to get lost and easy to also rationalize that you have been human all along. Indeed we are born human, we are treated most times as human, but have we recently taken the time accept that role internally? – To nurture that role and proudly display it as our current status symbol?

Beyond catastrophes, massacres, revolutions, celebrations, and other human experiences, both good and bad, we remain that constant sidekick of change. Humans, despite evolution, mutations or whatnot (whatis?), that is the root of our existence. This decade after 911, a 2011 Samhain celebration, be proud to reflect on being yourself – Merry we part until merry we meet again!

Blessed BE!


Midsummer’s Sigil



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