Humanity and Paradoxes

A good friend, very much into tinkering with society’s deliberate nuances, posted a reflection:

the Reflection of Mus

Yup, but isn’t the very concept of Laws an acceptance of fallibility and a preparation for an inevitable change? Knowing fully that at the core of its structure was man’s wanton need to express ideas, communicate understanding, and dream of a better tomorrow -whilst transgressing on those very fundamentals by instituting limits. And hence the political animal becomes a worse paradox than that of Schroedinger’s cat.

Continuing to tell him, “Most definitely, by simply watching simpler organisms create the same scenarios via mutation – often times the impact becomes a symptomatic viral infection that ‘terrorizes’ and even eradicate an entire village. You see brus, no matter how far we think we’ve gone, a huge part of our humanity still echoes the nuances of our base biology.”


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