Open Letter to an Invisible World

Dear Friend,

I am writing this as I make the dog pee and ruminate on the whole argument about the internet. The same thing happened in the late ’90’s when you found me begging PLDT to install a line at FB Harrison, where I used to live….

Back then, the problem wasn’t invisible. I know that i often express things in a way that only a few will understand, much less appreciate.

Back then, an internet connection meant having your own phone line. Today, people have forgotten the physical component of an internet connection. Most people argue about not being connected or having bigger bandwidth. At the end of the day, higher towers and more cables need to be laid for people to even be sustainably connected. Only a few will go to where you or I have gone, offer the company that arm to pay for that connection.

Yes, its not about being able to afford it or realizing the fact that I have a problem to not being connected. Despite the vanity and expressed need of surviving a foreseeable future, i have wished for better understanding.

At a point where the Senate is hearing the current case of connectivity, the telecoms have seen to it that the masses see them provide increased availability and even at greater speeds. Like any impassioned desires or induced highs, the relevant need for more will not provide the corresponding answer. Their reaction will not account for the need of more cables being laid, it will not account for the already backlogged needs of consumers since it necessitates them to look forward rather than have them plant the necessary seeds to answer the perennial question of where they’re getting the current connectivity from.

The dog has finished and I had no idea Jack’s could be so needy for affection….

To a stranger, I have that ‘vulcan’ bravado of rhetorics and logic but this does not come as a free lunch. I stare out, yes unable to connect, wishing to earn, since my own clients have their own limbo of not being able to use the internet, and fearful that most answers being provided for, does not ready the mind for making their hands dirty.

Where they will get the lines or the next bandwidth from, will be too technical even for them. The very nature of why they have not frozen the assets of the ISP remains a puzzle since the solutions provided will only keep increasing the load on whatever extra infrastructure they provide. There is no longer a line waiting for us when we want to make calls but I fear, people misunderstand that even on the current gadgetry, there will always be a ‘queue’ waiting. Lines, cables, more steel, more forward thinking supermans thats just not a pretty face beside the train will be necessary to even come to terms with the issue at hand. For most, its the blind leading the near blind, and PLDT will be giving answers to surface questions. You cannot buy the entire nations connectivity nor can I make the techs stop fiddling with the invisible just to start working on the wires that have rusted away.

All I know is that I have to brave this and despite going hungry on having to be connected, keep working. That a lot more typing is needed to address bigger problems like the zip code database which needs to be corrected before identities are lost. I understand that having more than one subscription or being able to still find pockets of connectivity yields near to nothing in our current situation, i cannot stop trying… Maybe even use that word nob-realist use, to dream, perchance to live.

The dog had fallen asleep and its time I try again and see you where we are all connected, even practical. That world brave enough to really dare strangers to be themselves. A world where media is made more social yet impersonal – a world we keep missing these days.

Until the Next Connectivity,

The Stranger

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