God is Good, a Mirror Universe

Attending a Theology class at one point in my life, a question was posited, “If you were told that God did not exist, will you being good?” As expected, a lot took the time to reflect, even argue such a scenario but to the Stranger, it was pretty evident that certain line of reasoning did not hold water.

While many schools of thought will clearly define that Life is never apart from God, one-does-not-exist-without-the-other type of reasoning, I never quite saw the necessity to practice anything under the guise of doing it for an entity. To act in accordance to one’s will, is an act independent of such constructs. We can always argue that the formation of thought is dependent on one’s belief system, creed, etc. but I still hope that for whatever reason one decides upon an act, it remains that moment’s act – an Act unique and may even be opposite to one’s upbringing or religion.

I believe still in the honesty of an Act, being good for the sake of goodness, a volition to serve the greater part of the whole. We may be of different creeds, different races, even of different minds, but will find each other in that one moment we can converse and tackle thing bigger than ourselves. Moments of Acts that builds rather than destroy, in the hope of seeing the Self on the other side.

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