Midnight Vaccine Reflection

Instead of a Conversation with God, it was a Conversation with Deo – what’s the difference, anyway?

¡Soy lo que soy, el/ella es Dios!

Article being discussed: https://covidcalltohumanity.org/2021/02/09/nicanor-perlas-the-vaccine-delusion-part-1-cbcp-pro-vaccine-decision-huge-mistake-vaccines-will-not-remove-lockdowns/

Note: I was pleasantly surprised that Nick Perlas was still active, in some form or another. Last I had to review his work was via the Agenda 21 – I was then just a youth representative for the environmental sector.

Good article in general and will be very helpful literature for those trying to decide on the vaccine. I think he needs lang to edit certain things and update certain aspects. Even if Fauci kinda ‘started’ all these, some of his data isn’t updated. The Sweden (don’t know bout Belarus) had an upsurge post what was noted in the article.

The main contention I have with him is his anti-mask stance. That and washing hands does help lessen the viral load. The main problem here is people are not used to lab settings, those who have had proper lab time knows the proper use and disposal of masks and how to keep contamination at bay – e walang info dissemination on this. Aside from that, I agree on the lockdown and draconian imposition as useless, even the face shield imposition is highly laughable.

Next, the article does not address the fact that there is a percentage of the population from the get-go has accepted this vaccine-pandemic-response as an experimental one, a hasty one at that but is giving it the scientific chance even with their lives.

That part is highly erroneous, his peg might be based on a marketing statement rather than actual scientific ones since vaccines as its name implies, isn’t a cure – Never was…

This enhances my point on experimentation:

Also agree on this but, again the article addresses stupidity rather than address a proper engagement for the other percentile who aren’t stupid, who expected all these, knew boosters were necessary, apart from annual need for vaccine type scenario. And with that percentile are willing to experiment to give the future of humanity proper data also to choose from and grow. The rest being unwilling and innocent guinea pigs are really the ones that need to wake up and be more informed.

Hell even if the vaccine had a uranium isotope (for that matter), if an experimentation proves it has some efficacy above 60% is something worthwhile to look into and study. If that experimentation helps avoid suffering in general, alleviate load on healthcare, and has promising use (via a better variant) from the experimentation, then am sure a percentile of humanity should go for it.

Actually,this musing reminds me of Carlos Castaneda’s Eagle’s Gift book. For me, the only question is, are you going into it with eyes closed or eyes wide open?

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