Residual Politics…

  They deemed you worthy of support and had everyone voting your way. Did you find this simple illusion of power enough to make you stick around? I am not even talking about the mere presidency… Common sense and seduction are two aspects of politics which will meet you heads-on at anytime and at any […]

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Hey Dear Zodiac Balance, Some might have been quite the sell_out girl or green_eyed about it, anyhow the Stranger decided some posts were meant to be done as a conversation of sorts. So reviewing old entries from once before, Dyslexic as he is, the Stranger still tried… Postmodernputa provided the anthem and I provided the […]

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Brother(s) from Another Mother

  The story often starts with a setting which plays either a comedic or tragic influence to the progression of the character/s journey. For this particular story, it needed the magnificence and turmoil that can only exist in Mindanao, the Land of Fulfilled Promises (or so-called promises?). Like a fairytale weaved with a sense of […]

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